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"Bridging the gap of all rhythms"

Was founded after years of thought and inspiration within the marching arts. While many people use the term “marching arts” to describe an activity, it has also been less widely used to recognize the ENTIRE form of marching arts which include competitive drum corps, marching band, indoor percussion, pipe band, Basel, military tattoo, and many of the other cultural styles that are unique to their regions.

The Drumline Network was founded as a way to bridge the gap between these styles and provide a unified location to discover and learn about ALL of the activities that are marching arts.

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Drumline Network has the purpose of providing a centralized place to find all things marching percussion! After spending countless hours searching for information on various topics, and frequently getting frustrated, an idea was born; A one-stop location to find anything related to marching percussion in an easy to navigate location.  

Drumline Network connects marching percussionists and educators to the resources they need, and sometimes didn't know exist. Drumline Network is the bridge that oversees our multiple subsidiaries, as well as partner and affiliate sites.

We offer resources ranging from percussion staffing & educational materials to performance videos and equipment repair. Check out our brand page to see our offerings, partners and explore further.