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"The pulse of the Philippines"


The Philippines Drum & Lyre. Associates is the largest organization of marching ensembles in the Southeast Asian country, with over 50 member ensembles and a large representation of teachers, instructors, and directors. The organization governs and regulates competitions across the country, and hosts regular events as well as national championships every year. Consisting of multiple chapters that represent each region, the organization has a strong presence and promotes growth, education, and community through success in the marching arts. The PDLAI is currently an active member of the Asian Marching Band Confederation and frequently has students and teachers that participate in international events in various other circuits. The PDLAI is a Strategic Partner with The Drumline Network and has parallel philosophies of building unity and community through the marching arts and promoting a healthy culture of education and competition.

Ludwig Tenors - Stryke 2018 Sunset Drumm


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