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Football Season Equals College Drumline Season!

A marching drummer pointing at the camera, while smiling
College Drumline Multi-Tenor Player

The Pulse of College Football:

As the leaves turn and the air cools, college campuses across the United States buzz with excitement, signaling the return of the fall football season. Amid the roar of the crowds and the thrill of the game, there's an unmissable and pulsating force that drives the spirit of these events: the college drumline! They are more than just musical groups; THEY are the pulse of the stadium, and can easily get an entire stadium hyped up and excited with the right material. These talented percussionists play a crucial role in amplifying the energy of sporting events, engaging crowds, and setting the tempo for both the team and the fans.

Pregame Hype, Halftime Flexes, and Post-Game Showdowns!

Before the game even begins, drumlines are there, revving up the crowd with rhythms that resonate across the campus whether it's a campus show, tailgate event, or just march-in. Their performances during pregame events and parades are not just displays of musical ability but also a showcase of school spirit and unity. Halftime shows, in particular, are where drumlines really showcase a lot of their talents because many collegiate programs perform new shows each week which require them to stay focused between academics, rehearsals, and personal/work obligations. And of course, it's always fun when the 5th quarter hits and drumlines decide to meet-up head to head and throw down their best cadences.

marching snare drum being played with taped drum sticks
Marching Snare Drummer at College Tailgate

A Year-Round Commitment

While the spotlight on drumlines intensifies during the football season, their dedication and practice are year-round endeavors. These musicians spend countless hours pre-season and post-season honing their skills, mastering complex rhythms, and continuing to develop for the next season. Their commitment goes beyond the field, often involving community engagements and representing their schools at various events which happens throughout the year.

The National Mix of Things

From the powerful beats of major Division I universities to the intricate rhythms of smaller colleges, the diversity and talent within the drumline community are staggering. Each group brings its unique style, influenced by their school's traditions, regional culture, and the creative vision of their members. This variety makes every performance a unique experience, a testament to the richness of the college drumline scene.

Stay Connected and Get Involved

For drumline enthusiasts and aspiring percussionists, there's much to look forward to even in the off-season. Many drumlines offer audition information and practice materials to help interested individuals prepare for the next season. Engaging with these resources can be a fantastic way to stay connected with the drumline community and refine your skills.

As we celebrate another exciting fall football season, let's take a moment to appreciate the college drumlines that add so much to the experience. Their skill, energy, and passion are integral to the spirit of college sports and the broader campus life.


Explore our featured highlights below, including awesome videos from various drumline performances and essential information for those looking to audition and become part of this dynamic community. Whether you're a fan, a current member, or an aspiring percussionist, there's something here for everyone in the vibrant world of college drumlines.

Notable Collegiate Drumlines

(In NO Specific Order)

University of Southern California

"Spirit of Troy" Drumline

University of Massachusetts

"UMass" Drumline

Norfolk State University

"Million Dollar Funk Squad" Drumline

Western Carolina University Pride of The Mountains "Purple Thunder" Drumline

Riverside Community College

"Marching Tigers" Drumline

North Carolina A&T University

"Cold Steel" Drumline

Jacksonville State University

"Gamecocks" Drumline

Bethune Cookman University

"Sudden Impact" Drumline


The "SEC" (Southeastern Conference)

The Southeastern Conference, often referred to as the SEC, stands as a powerhouse in collegiate football. Known for its rich traditions, passionate fan base, and intense competition, the SEC comprises 14 universities located primarily in the southeastern United States. While it's renowned for its gridiron battles, the SEC also offers an exceptional drumline experience for college students.

University of Alabama - Million Dollar Band Drumline

Auburn University - Marching Band Percussion Section (Drumline + Front Ensemble)

LSU - Tiger Band Drumline

University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) - Ole Miss Band Drumline

University of South Carolina - Mighty Sound of The Southeast Drumline

The "Big Ten" Conference

The Big Ten Conference, one of the oldest and most prestigious collegiate athletic conferences, dates back to 1896. Comprising 14 member institutions, primarily located in the Midwest, the Big Ten is synonymous with tradition and excellence. It is renowned for its competitive football and basketball programs, as well as its strong emphasis on academic achievement among student-athletes. The conference's historic rivalries, such as Michigan vs. Ohio State, add to its allure, making the Big Ten a powerhouse in both athletics and academics.

University of Alabama - Marching Illini Drumline

University of Iowa - Hawkeye Marching Band Drumline

Michigan State University - Spartan Marching Band Drumline

University of Michigan - The Michigan Marching Band Drumline

Ohio State University - The OSU Marching Band Drumline

Penn State University - The Blue Band Drumline

Purdue University - "All-American" Marching Band Drumline

The "ACC" (Atlantic Coast Conference)

The ACC, or Atlantic Coast Conference, is one of the major collegiate athletic conferences in the United States. It was founded in 1953 and is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. The ACC is known for its competitive athletic programs, particularly in football and basketball, and it is considered one of the "Power Five" conferences in college athletics, along with the Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, and SEC.

Clemson University - Marching Illini Drumline

Florida State University - FSU "Marching Chiefs" Big 8 Drumline

Georgia Tech University - Spartan Marching Band Drumline

University of Pittsburgh - The Michigan Marching Band Drumline

The "Big 12" Conference

Comprising 14 member institutions primarily located in the central and southern United States, the "Big 12" is celebrated for its excellence in both football and basketball. Its football games are known for high-scoring, offensive battles, and the conference actively participates in the College Football Playoff system.

University of Texas at Austin - Longhorn Band Drumline

Kansas State University - K-State Drumline

West Virginia - WVU "Mountaineer" Marching Band Drumline

University of Central Florida - Marching Knights Drumline

Texas Christian University - "Horned Frog" Marching Band Drumline

The "SWAC"

The Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) is a prominent collegiate athletic conference known for its rich history and tradition. Comprising historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), the SWAC boasts competitive sports programs in various disciplines. Its member institutions, located primarily in the southern United States. The SWAC has cultivated a strong sense of community and pride among its student-athletes, alumni, and fans, making it a significant force in the landscape of collegiate sports.

Jackson State University - "War and Thunder" Drumline

Florida A&M University - The "Marching 100" Drumline

Alabama State University - "Marching Hornets" Drumline

Alabama A&M University - "S.T.I.X. Inc." Drumline

Alcorn State University - "T.O.P" Drumline



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