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A new innovation for better rehearsal strategies has arrived in the form of the Marching Practice Instrument Snare Edition from Randall May International!


"PRACTICE TO PERFORM" takes on a whole new meaning as you can literally practice almost every aspect of a modern marching percussion performance by utilizing the MPI Snare in both individual and full ensemble settings. The Marching Practice Instrument (MPI for short), was developed by Randall May International in cooperation with various leaders of the top drum corps, pipe bands, and marching bands to meet the need for efficiency in practicing in a variety of settings.


  • Holds specified drum pad securely, with no unwanted movement
  • Provides the ability to practice marching movement while using a drum pad
  • Provides angle adjustment(s) to match a real snare drum
  • Fit's All Randall May ABS® & Aluminum Tubular Carriers®
  • Mounts to Randall May Stadium Hardware®
  • Reduce body fatigue while practicing
  • Rehearse longer and more efficiently, at any time


Each MPI Snare system is available in two standard models to fit either an Off-World Invader V3 or a Vic Firth Heavy Hitter Slim Pad/Stock Pad.


1-Year Warranty on product and parts. See warranty section for more details.


(Please note, contact us for official current shipping times due to production and COVID-19 restrictions)


*Sold as a single MPI unit. For group or bulk orders, please contact us directly at


**Optional adapters to switch Invader V3 or Slim/StockPad may be purchased separately, and other adapters will be available in the future. 

May Snare MPI System

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